There is a certain beauty to your longing,

How your heart flutters when you see the dewdrops kiss the roses’ lips 

How each ray of moonlight is not simply a reflection of the sun, but the smile of heaven itself

The tender feeling of love dancing through your mind, eyes glassy, and heart fragrant with emotion. 

View the embrace of young lovers after spending months apart, and the warm clasp of the elderly as they hold hands one last time 

What is it that makes the ordinary magnificent, makes even the loudest pain silent, changes the wretched to the good? 

What is it about love? See them there, hopelessly devoted, passionately loving, but desperately crying, “How could you leave?” 

Yet see how they grow, born from the ashes of their flame, their tears water a garden of adoration. 

Gently, watch as they pick themselves up, and learn to find that love again.

Photo Credits: Laudan Payne