Yoga has been an underrated sport for quite some time now. Many people perceive yoga as an easy activity as well as something only women do. However, yoga requires a lot of balance and movement, making it a challenging yet beneficial sport. Anyone can do yoga, no matter the age or gender. There are yoga classes for men, couples, and even children! The benefits of yoga are endless, as they nurture all three main parts of the soul: mental, physical, and spiritual.

There are two main types of yoga: flow and sculpt. Flow yoga means that there are no weights involved and the point is to flow through the movements while keeping certain muscles engaged for a balanced workout. Sculpt yoga includes some flow yoga, however, it mainly revolves around weights and cardio. Flow yoga is generally considered a form of meditation, and sculpt yoga is considered a workout. However, both equally, put emphasis on muscles in the body, and hopefully, after any yoga session, the goal is to feel relaxed and at peace.

Some of the main benefits of yoga include the following:

  • Sense of balance – While doing the different yoga positions and moves, balance is a key part of staying upright and flowing through the positions. Balance is obtained throughout the session after the body gets used to the warm-up at the beginning of yoga class.
  • Increased blood flow – By moving the body and stretching out while working out, more blood will get to different parts of the body.
  • Increased happiness – Working out releases endorphins, the “happy drug” in the brain, so feeling happy after any workout shouldn’t be a surprise.
  • Increases self-esteem, as well as motivation for self-care – Practicing yoga with a mindset of peace, can increase self-esteem.
  • Improves flexibility – All of the yoga positions require flexibility, to a certain degree. Yoga is great for flexible people, but it is even better for non-flexible people because even after a few yoga sessions the body will naturally become more and more flexible due to the flow through the yoga movements.
  • Strengthens muscles – Sculpt yoga and many parts of flow yoga strengthen muscles because they require balance, which puts emphasis on the muscles

The benefits of yoga are endless. These are some of the most common benefits. Through yoga, peace and meditation can be achieved while having a great workout and treating the body well.

Photo Credit: Plastic Magazine UK

Written by

Gasia Karakesis

Gasia Karakesis, junior, is on the OLu swim team and swims year-round. She loves to draw, listen to music, and read. Her favorite book is Call Me Zelda by Erika Robuck.