This fall, OLu Theatre will be putting on a production of Clue the play. Taking place in the 1950s, Clue follows the adventures of six houseguests who are invited to a mysterious mansion for a dinner party. These houseguests include Miss Scarlett, Mrs. White, Mrs. Peacock, Mr. Green, Colonel Mustard, and Professor Plum.

Miss Scarlett is a contemptuous D.C. woman who cares about her secrets above all else. Mrs. White is a morbid, pale, and tragic woman who has a few too many ex-husbands. Mrs. Peacock is a neurotic, churchgoing wife who is quite batty. Mr. Green is a shy and timid man who is clumsy and a strict rule follower. Colonel Mustard is a pompous military man. Professor Plum is an academic, and a quick witted professor.

Upon their entry they are greeted by Wadsworth, a humble butler, who leads them around for the night. As the evening progresses, the houseguests’ suspicions rise as their questions have yet to be answered. Throughout the night, tragedy strikes as the houseguests realize that there is a murderer amongst them! Will they make it out alive or will each houseguest’s web of lies prevent them from discovering the murderer? Come see Orange Lutheran’s Production of Clue to find out!

This year for the first time in Nechita history, there will be two casts! This means that each character will be played by two different people. The two casts are the Red and Gold cast. The Red Cast performance will be on Friday, November 6th, at 7:00 pm and the Gold Cast performance will be held on Saturday, November 7th, at 7:00 pm. This gives people the opportunity to see the same show twice, but with new faces! Each cast is equally talented, and each student brings something different to their character.

Tickets are on sale starting October 20th via the Orange Lutheran website. All tickets are $20, and you have the option to see it either in-person or online via live stream. However, in-person tickets are limited as the Nechita is not able to be at full capacity. Guests will be required to wear a face mask upon entrance and leave it on throughout the entirety of the show. Seats will also be socially distanced to follow safety protocol. 

Junior Griffin Elias, playing the French maid Yvette, talks about how she is excited for people to “see all the hard work we’ve put into this show.” Griffin describes her character Yvette as “extremely vibrant” and “positively French.” She goes on to explain how excited she is to be back in the theatre putting on another show, especially since this year has been so hectic. Griffin can’t wait for people to see Clue as it’s “quite frankly hilarious!”

Senior Chris Lee, playing Colonel Mustard, is a member of OLu’s acting program and has been a part of many OLu productions over the years. He explains that his favorite part of the process is that “everyone works together as a team.” Chris goes on to describe his character Mustard as an “confident airhead.”

Junior Sophie Busch, playing the Cook, Telegram Girl, and Cop is a member of the Arts Academy at OLu. In addition, she is a part of Bel Canto, Vocal Jazz, Creative Worship, Honors Choir, Musical Theatre Dance, and Acting on campus. Sophie is one of the few people in the cast who actually gets to play multiple characters in the show and says that it allows her to “ have a lot of fun with who she wants each individual to be.”

Kayleigh Gilbert, a junior playing Mrs. White, has been in multiple OLu productions as well as taking acting, dance, and choir classes on campus. Along with on campus activities, Kayleigh also takes acting classes outside of OLu. She is most excited for people to see “how different the two casts are.” Kayleigh goes on to talk about how she and the other Mrs. White (Avery Warren) play the same character yet do so many things completely different. Ethan Kaiser, a senior playing Mr. Boddy, the Motorist, and the Chief of Police, describes his favorite part of an OLu production as “bonding with the cast.” When asked what he is most excited for in the show, Ethan talked about how excited he is to have his “first on stage death.”

Clue is definitely not a show to miss, as it is an action packed comedy, so buy tickets now!

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