Sophie Busch, a senior at Orange Lutheran High School, has been involved at the theater program at school since her freshman year. Her first show was The Wizard of Oz, where she was a Munchkin soloist. Busch describes being in the production as extremely “professional” and loved being able to make friends who also “loved theater” and shared her growing “passion” for theater. The entire process of the production made her want to continue being a part of upcoming productions at Orange Lutheran.

Priorto Orange Lutheran, Sophie was a member of Huston School of Music and Theater from third grade to high school. There, she discovered a “love for harmonies” and overcame her “fear of dancing.” Busch also learned “how to work hard in an ensemble and stand out,” which is key for being a part of theater productions. Before High School, Sophie was in a total of thirteen productions varying from choir concerts to full musical productions. Her passion grew from a young age and once she had been on stage once, she “never wanted to get off again.”

Sophie described the theater as a place for her to “fit in” because “sports never fit” her. She tried volleyball and track along with student government, but none of them clicked for her. It wasn’t until she was on stage performing that she realized this was what she was “meant to do.” She loves being able to use her “goofy personality” and “take on a new personas” to entertain the audience. 

At Orange Lutheran, Sophie is a part of Honors Choir (4 years), Acting (2 years), Vocal Jazz (3 years), Bel Canto (3 years), and Musical Theater Dance (4 years). She is considered a triple threat seeing as she can sing, act, and dance gracefully . Busch has been in eight theater productions here at OLU along with a multitude of choir and dance productions. In the performing arts department is where she has made her “closest friends” and she is “eternally grateful for every opportunity” given to her. Sophie isn’t sure who she’d be without theater in her life and is so glad that she discovered it all those years ago.

Photo Credit: Chris Cornish