It’s never too late to appreciate great art; in this case, Orange Lutheran’s 2021 spring production, The Little Mermaid, lives in infamy as the reunion with the past and a glimpse into the future of moving forward in health and community. After a year of isolation, feeling the air of the Nechita Center could not be more refreshing. The Little Mermaid was a rewarding step back into the life once lived. 

The 27 member cast of wildly talented individuals blend together in harmony to serve one purpose: bring justice to the story. Without question, the cast achieved their purpose of bringing life to hilarious, beautiful, and moving musical. 

Madison Miller, senior, brings life to the show with a beautiful rendition of the bright, curious, and passionate little mermaid––Ariel. Miller has left her footprint at OLU, her voice will forever live inside the schools’ halls no matter where her talent leads her in the future. 

Other memorable performances include sophomore Liam Somerville, as the passionate, hilarious, and vibrant French chef––Somerville’s portrayal left the audience in tears and in stitches. The comedy of this french chef is rivaled by the ditsy mermaid sisters. Whenever the bubbly mermaid sisters entered the stage, the whole room seemed to be filled with glitter. 

Each member of the cast brings their own spark to carry the show from just words on a page, to living, breathing characters with motive and desires. Thanks to the work of the talented costume designers, set designers, lighting designers, sound designer, backstage crew, director, and everyone else involved, this show was given the ability to touch lives of all ages.

One of Miller’s mermaid sisters, Sophia Zonni, a sophomore, says that The Little Mermaid has brought her “a community of people, [of which she] never wants to lose.” The love and energy that fills the Nechita center from the smiles of this cast has obviously made its mark on—not only the audience—but within the cast itself. 

Community and family can be found in so many areas of life, you just have to venture out––even as far as under the sea––to find it. 


Photo Credit: Pinterest