I am small. In a cocoon, I am confined inside

In an area so tight, no motion should arise. 

I sit and wait for my special call, 

Keeping track of the beats echoing through my walls. 

Suddenly a sensation flows through my veins,

A jolt to awake from my long dismay. 

The feeling begins with a slight shake 

And then my shell begins to break. 

The beats get quicken as I awake;

My essence is finally free. 

My cramped wings begin to shiver 

And slide to reach the pink sky. 

Tremors of anxiety rush around me, 

Enveloping me in fear. 

I just want to escape and not to feel,

The worry oh so clear. 

I spread my wings and flutter towards

The darkening heavenly rose.

The earthquakes of nervousness

Grow increasingly in violence 

Causing my flight to go wild. 

All of a sudden I am enveloped

By hundreds of others with wings. 

We pound against the fleshy walls 

Desperate to escape

The paranoia burned within. 

Seeking my escape 

I ram straight into a wall,

What happened to the bright pink sky? 

Strain sets in as I begin 

To realize why I fly. 

Photo Credit: Pinterest