Over a cup of coffee,

Ideas can brew;

Issues can be tackled.

Solutions happen when problems need solving

Over a cup of coffee,

Romantic candles can be lit;

Sweet words can be said.

Feelings can be expressed. 

Over a cup of coffee, 

Days can be so warm.

Anything can be light,

While lovers hold each other’s hand tight.

Over a cup of coffee, 

Enemies become friends.

Where a cold war can end,

And hurts and heartaches can mend.

Isn’t it wonderful?

To know that anything is possible. 

Good things can come to be 

Over a cup of coffee! 


Photo Credit: Bianca Martinez 

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Hi my name is Bianca Martinez. The things I enjoy to do is art, writing, and reading. I also love music as I played Clarinet for 7 years. I’m also the only child. Lived in California my entire life. My favorite subject in School is English. Overall I like to do writing.