If everything we feel

is just a chemical reaction in the brain

then what’s the difference

between normal and insane?

Is it an extra neurotransmitter

following its pathway

doing what it believes to be right?

Or is it a complex web of 

undertakings and impulses

leading one’s life in an attempt to survive?

Who’s to say I’ve not gone insane?

I’ve hurt and I’ve wept

and I’ve laughed and I’ve danced

I’ve broken the rules and I’ve broken myself

far too many times to count

Have I crossed a line somewhere?

Have I pushed it too far?

Have I fought for something 

I wasn’t supposed to be fighting for?

Have I gone



If we are only here

for a fragmentary period

of inhales and exhales

that last for less than a moment

on the cosmological scale 

does anything we do matter?

The only thing time does is pass

the only thing we can do is remember

so when no one is left to remember

the way we smiled and cried

the way we loved and lived

when the world has moved on

from the people we were

will it have mattered?

Will any of it have mattered?  

Does anything we do matter?

Does anything I do matter?

Do I



If we are beings of happenstance

a mirage of a miracle tied together

through millennia of sex and chance

built off the backs of 

a 1 in 10 to the 90,000th power chance

of the stars

the galaxy

the universe 

falling into alignment

If we are biological machines 

made of meat and blood and ashes

so complexly and fundamentally broken

and vulnerable in our structures

meant only to live 

to reproduce 

to die

Then what is the point in living?

What meaning is there in merely surviving?

Am I merely surviving?

Have I ever truly felt


Photo Credit: Kalina Nikolova

Written by

Logan Gleed

Logan Gleed, senior, loves to write music, create new worlds and characters, and play volleyball. From video games to songs, he loves anything that’s story driven. His favorite books include Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë and The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller. Logan is excited to serve as co-Editor-in-Chief this year, and can’t wait to further develop his writing skills and see the amazing works that get published on the Muse!