Woah senior year, the final destination. Your 4 years have come to an end, and you’re less than a year away from graduating from high school and becoming an adult. A lot of seniors decide that this is a good time to just mentally check out, and while it’s ok to loosen the hold on the reins a bit, you still have much to prepare for your entrance into adulthood.

The issue at the forefront would be college apps, rather self explanatory. Some people are recruited athletes, others go to community college, but if you are a part of the vast majority of seniors who want to attend a four year university, you need to fill out college apps. This might be one of the most stressful times of your entire life up to this point, and it is critical that you stay focused because college apps are hard. You are competing against not only your classmates at school, but also a majority of students who are graduating your year. In order to stand the best chance, just stay focused for the first half of the first semester and with enough effort and motivation, you should be clear for a relaxing year. 

Next would be preparing to move out and live alone and whether that be getting a job and saving money or changing nothing about your life, every senior should be prepared for that inevitable day when you move out and begin your independent life. Now, I’m not saying there needs to be a lot of physical preparation, the majority of the prep here is mental. Just being ready to be independent, and not have your parents around anymore.

Besides those two things, there aren’t really many other things to worry about. Now, it’s time to relax a bit and have fun, enjoy your remaining time in high school. 

The final thing I will impart is to have no regrets. Everyone always complains and gripes about their regrets in high school and how they wish they did certain things differently. I disagree with that. I believe the right way to live is with no regrets. So while sure you might be mad about that girl you never asked out or the dance you missed, at the end of the day, the only one who can make these decisions is you. Instead of regretting every wrong choice you make, embrace them and learn from them. That way you can live your life carefree and happy, with no regrets which is the best way to live life.

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