“To equip and train students to love Jesus and glorify Him in their everyday lives.” This quote has been the staple motto for the Orange Lutheran Missions program for around twenty years. The OLU missions program was established in 2000 and has impacted the lives of many including- Orange Lutheran’s very own students, many people in need, and a multitude of children across the world. The entirety of the Missions program, here at Lutheran High is made up of three main parts- the mission trips themselves, the missions class offered to students attending OLU, and various local engagement opportunities. 

Across various cities, states, and countries the Orange Lutheran Mission trips have served and donated time and energy into helping people who may not be as fortunate as we are. The volunteering OLU does consists of tutoring undereducated kids, elderly care, and even construction disaster relief projects. The Lord calls us to serve rather than to be served. Therefore serving cheerfully and joyfully is honoring and glorifying God making it that much more rewarding. 

In addition to offering mission trips, Orange Lutheran presents a missions class to the students. Personally, this class has changed me immensely and impacted my life in a multitude of ways. Missions has helped me to grow both spiritually and socially.  The Christian, family-like community that comes as an outcome of the missions class influences growth for each individual. 

Lastly, the OLU missions program presents many local engagement opportunities for students to get involved in. These opportunities consist of serving the community in various ways such as- food drives, child care, and different city clean up opportunities. 

Missions at Lutheran High do a perfect job living up their motto. They have equipped and trained many students to show their love for Jesus and shine His light by glorifying Him in their everyday lives. 


Photo Credit: OLU Missions

Source: OLU Missions

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nardine metry

Senior Nardine Metry loves and is extremely passionate about the Humanities Academy! Her favorite part of the academy is the fellowship and community of other students who also love humanities as much as her. In her free time, Nardine loves reading, rewatching the tv show Friends, and hanging out with her family.