I’m no stranger to pain,

Loneliness is an old friend.

Words paint black stains,

The more shreds, the harder to mend.


As another crack and another chip appears,

Making the fragments of my heart smaller,

It gets harder to piece them together without tears.

But I carry on and hold my head taller.


Even when it might look like I know my way,

Walking around, with my steps so sure,

I hold on to the idea of the cliche,

In fear of exposing what is insecure.


Even when I have someone standing right by my side,

I feel distant, trapped, detached, and isolated.

Fear and doubt seem to rush in like the tide,

Vile whispers overwhelm and leave me frustrated.


One day I hope I realize

That I need to forget the pain, forget the past.

I should focus on more hellos and fewer goodbyes.

I need to create more laughter, because life goes fast.


I hope that I’ll remember more delightful thoughts

And less of the ones who tear me down.

I must surrender to positivity in the battle I have fought,

Remembering to lift others up, knowing I won’t drown.


Be your own you, I remind myself,

Don’t think I’ll fall, be willing, just take a chance.

Don’t place your worth on a shelf,

Because if you stumble, just smile and make it a part of the dance.


So laugh, dance, sing, and play.

Rise up, stand tall and focus on what really matters.

Tune out the lies, deception, and hate they say.

Listen to voices of love and fears will be shattered.


Photo Credits: Pinterest


Written by

Daelynn Lopez

Daelynn Lopez, junior, loves to write, as she believes it expresses things actions may not be able to satisfy. She participates in Creative Worship and runs Cross Country. One of her favorite books is The Art of Racing in the Rain because it gives a different point of view of the human race.