Trusting One’s Ability

During a time of solitude one may lose their confidence in their ability. The best way to combat one’s struggle with motivation, organization, or self-confidence is to push yourself to be subjective; however, subjectivity is not an easy feat for anyone. Start by noticing how much time as you spend degrading yourself then use twice as much time to acknowledge your successes. 

Trust your ability to balance everything and do it well. Although it may take time, one cannot understand their capabilities unless they try. In terms of school anxiety, do not overthink and procrastinate because in the end that will increase anxiety. On the other hand, don’t overwork yourself; there is value in taking time to recharge as it will help you to perform better in every aspect of life.

Burning Out

When one works non-stop, they can start to burn out. Whether or not you can tell you are burning out is a challenge. Depending on the person, the symptoms of overworking may manifest differently. One may feel like important dates, assignments, or etc begin to fall through the cracks. This is a major sign of overstimulation where your brain cannot process all the information being inputted at a time. 

Combatting With Distractions 

When one burns out, they tend to fill the time allotted to recharge with other things like getting ahead on hw or watching television, etc. Sometimes distractions can be good but only benefit for temporary purposes. If one’s distractions are becoming the only escape from stressors, this can be harmful. Entertainment, like television for example, is temporary; television shows always end, and if your source of stability comes from it, your foundation will crumble beneath you. By allowing yourself to take time to physically, mentally, and spiritually recharge your spirits you will be training yourself to become a stable and stronger person.

One’s Overflowing Cup

When a person who has burned out of emotional and physical energy wasting their time searching for distractions, their cup overflows and seems as if the world is plotting against them. Try to notice the signs of emotional and physical lethargy before it comes to this point.

How to Deal

Make it a priority to begin searching for fun hobbies, relaxing self care activities, exercising, baking, cleaning, revamping your room, or napping for example. There are so many ways to recharge in a healthy and calming way.

All In All

Achieving a proper balance between keeping up with one’s responsibilities and allowing sufficient rest is essential to maintaining a healthy work routine. This certainly has always been true regardless of the time or one’s circumstances, but now, with the drastic changes in conditions surrounding school and work, it is more important than ever to understand. Productivity should not be prioritized over one’s mental health. Burnout is a possible consequence of an improper balance of rest and responsibility—the key to avoiding it is understanding how much rest one needs and ensuring that this amount of rest is gotten consistently. When feeling burned out, distractions can serve as a temporary way of alleviating stress, but if relied upon too heavily they can worsen it. 

For a person who is burned out, it can feel like they are up against the whole world. Things like relaxing hobbies, mental and physical self-care, eating healthy and enjoyable food, and social interaction with supportive friends can help bring one out of the state of burnout. Although one’s outward behavior in school or socially may seem successful, their internal state may be overworked to achieve these things. Check-in on your friends and prioritize your health and happiness over all else.


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Photo Credit: Angela 1