The clock hung up on the wall as long as Steven could remember, it had been a family heirloom since a year long past, yet still functioned dutifully and relentlessly. With a red outer rim and a slightly yellowed interior, it stood in stark contrast to the blank white wall on which it hung and was always an eye catcher. Even that fateful day when his grandfather passed, that clock was the first thing he noticed when he returned to a dark, empty house. June 5th 2010, the fateful day his grandfather passed and the only time the clock stopped working. Steven had just returned home from school late and noticed that the house was completely deserted, not a soul or sound in sight. He put his bags down and roamed the house seeking life when a red glimmer caught his eye. He rounded the corner and found himself face to face with the clock, ticking as per usual, but with a slight difference he could not put it off. It wasn’t the appearance or even the time the clock displayed, but the eerie, almost tangible aura that the clock exuded with each resounding tick. Almost glued to the rotating hand, Steven found himself unable to resist the urge to step closer, eventually stopping a foot away from the clock, and just stared. He stared until the clock suddenly stopped at 7:01 pm with an almost audible sigh. He continued to stare mindlessly at the clock until his family returned home with the heavy hearted news. Steven’s life went back to normal after that and the clock resumed the next day, but he was never able to forget the fateful moment the clock’s hands froze, the day time stopped.


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