I’m a slow reader. 

It’s like I keep re-reading the same passage before turning the page, taking my time on each line because I feel uncertain of what will follow. I hear a million voices telling me I need to flip the page and move on, as though I’m expected to predict the rest of the story. I’m told to study what’s happened, analyze the situation, and evaluate my future—all before I can fully read and enjoy a single page. 

But when I think I’ve read too quickly, I go straight back to the top, unwilling to move on until I’m certain. It’s not that I’m unable to turn the page, but I’m afraid of what’s next, worried that the ending could involve a surprise twist. What if my hopes and expectations are crushed? What if all the exciting elements collapse in the next chapter? 

It’s not like I haven’t tried to move forward. I often pull at the corner of the page and catch the slightest glimpse of the next section, but the thought of something new floods me with anxiety, so I fold in the corner and close the book, telling myself that I will return to it later. Truthfully, I’m not ready to find out what happens. Even if an important plot twist is sooner than it seems, or others constantly ask me about the events that follow. 

I’ve decided to be a slow reader, resisting the pressure to “skip to the good part” by taking life one line at a time. 


Photo Credits: dw.com