Hello Old Friend 

Hi, who are you?

You shouldn’t worry yet

Why are you so blue?

I wouldn’t say that

Is that really true? 

It’s nice to see you Old Friend

So how’s your life been?

Oh nothing new, the same stuff as you

So where did this all begin? 

A place where we once knew 

So what’s with the grin?

Its been a while Old Friend 

So what do you know?

Too much for either of us 

So how will you grow?

It’s too early to know

So where will you go?

Goodbye Old Friend

Going so soon?

I’d stay if I could, disregard the dues 

So where will you be in the middle of June?

Who knows where I’ll be and what I’d do 

If you ever feel lost, just look out for the tune

Photo Credit: img.freepik.com