DISCLAIMER: This piece is an example of parallelism, the use of successive verbal constructions in prose that correspond in grammatical structure, sound, meaning, etc. In this case, the purpose of the parallel structure is to emphasize and mock how physical illnesses are treated with the respect that mental illnesses lack. This is satire.

If Physical Illnesses were treated like Mental Illnesses

Physical illnesses are merely over-exaggerated conditions in order to complain and whine about their miserable life. Those who stretch out the time away in bed, claiming to have the flu, need to be told to get over it. Diabetes is a “disease” resulting in an overproduction of sugar in the blood. Those who use insulin needles for diabetes is just a way of getting free drugs to supposedly “help” cope with it. Honestly, the medication alters their being, and if this disease is as true as they say, then they should let the natural body fight it. That is what the body is made for, is it not?  Those who are stuck in the bathroom, constantly throwing up due to “food poisoning” need to at least make an effort to help themselves. Staying locked up in the bathroom for days on end helps nobody as they are taking time away from work and themselves. Those who have a chronic illness, who are confined to using a wheelchair, crutches or brace, need to learn to push through the pain and walk without support. These items will not be able to carry them forever and they need to learn to be independent. Those who go to physical therapy are weak. They can handle the “pain” on their own, stretching and working through the injury towards healing. What fake people. Those who have service dogs often end up lying about why they need them. Honestly, they just want to bring a pet around to pretend what they have is serious in order to gain a companion. Physical illnesses are dramaticized pains that everyone deals with, so they should not be seen as important.

If Mental Illnesses were treated like Physical Illnesses

Mental illnesses are a serious problem in society, so they need to be addressed and cared for. Those who are unable to get up from bed due to the overwhelming thoughts need to get additional help and care. Depression is a serious mood disorder in which the brain experiences consistent sadness and loss of interest in activities. Those who face depression need to take their antidepressants to help them function throughout their day. The medication alters the brain’s chemicals to produce more serotonin to level the chemistry, allowing the natural body to operate as it was designed. That is what antidepressants are made for, are they not? Those who are stuck at home, unable to leave the house due to the various hallucinations plaguing their mind need to be allowed more days off from work. They need time to heal from mental episodes before going back out. Those who have a chronic illness, forced to rely on medication to help them function, need to continuously be provided with such. The support it brings leads to a road of recovery where they someday may be able to be independent of it. Those who go to therapy are strong. They are working with a trained professional to heal themselves and better their lives. What powerful individuals. Those who have emotional support dogs often depend on them for comfort. They are, after all, struggling and the dog is able to detect and help their owner in the given situation. Mental illnesses are devastatingly shown to affect many people and should be classified as highly crucial to healing them for the better of our society.

Photo Credit: Google Images